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Join Dr. Mini in one of the following events!


Leadership Development Workshop

This leadership workshop will offer a comprehensive scientific overview, equipping you with the tools to manage stress for better health and optimal living.

Our nervous system plays a crucial role in our social connection and survival, and by leveraging the innate resources available to everyone, we can reduce psychological and physical ailments.

Following a powerful and insightful discussion, Dr. Mini Rattu will lead a restorative yoga practice with breathwork, while Tammy provides a mini Reiki Energy Healing Session and Silver Healing Modality, giving you a chance to experience the benefits for yourself. 

We'll then wrap up the evening by sharing experiences and engaging in a Q&Asession to deepen your awareness of the tools and strategies you learned.


Limited Spaces available.

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OCTOBER 20-23, 2023

Trauma Conscious Resilience Yoga Training 

This 15-hour training is an introductory program designed for certified Yoga Teachers, mental health professionals, and anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of trauma and the use of Yoga as a healing modality. 


The course holds the lens of liberation and centers the process of decolonizing trauma work and the practice and teachings of Yoga to increase social equity in Yoga and mental health services. 


Through guided discussions, dynamic and interactive learning, movement and breath-work, attendees will walk away with an expanded awareness on how to best support personal and collective healing in their communities.

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